Christ'l Lawrence


Christ'l Lawrence was called to preach the gospel at the age of 12. She became the Youth Pastor at the age of 16. Christ'l Lawrence was born to Apostles Tommie and Charlesetta Lawrence, she has been in ministry all of her life. 

Christ'l Lawrence has been called into the office of an Apostle called to the nations to continue the Pentecostal movement. Apostle Lawrence operates in the five fold ministry. She is the Overseer of All Nations Deliverance Ministries and Fresh Anointing Worldwide, and many other ministries which operate under her leadership. She has shared the stage with great men and women of God such as Jackie McCullough, James Cleveland, Amy Grant, John P. Kee, Mattie Moss Clark just to name a few.


Apostle Lawrence has many gifts and talents, such as singing and leading Praise and Worship all over the country. Also known as “The Queen of Technology” she owns and operates All Nations Internet Technologies a company which recycles and and refurbish computers as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. Helping families and Not for profit corporations bridge the digital divide.


The call for a great out pouring of God’s power has many ministries, conferences, and other believers calling for the ministry of Apostle Lawrence, so Christ’l Lawrence Ministries is now developing into one of the greatest and most needed works of this time.


Believers around the world are praying for revival and a pentecostal experience. Apostle Lawrence stays in prayer and fasting, seeking God for guidance for the task at hand. Apostle Lawrence remains humble and keeps the desire to serve, her motto is “Please be patient with me, because God is not finished with me yet”.




Christl Lawrence Ministries


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